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Whenever you make a major purchase, you need to know what kind of company you're placing your trust in. Here is what some of our customers had to say about us.
(When you call us, ask for our customer referral list for your area, and feel free to call some others.)


About Durability...

"You will remember that when we decided to purchase one of your pools we gave you a very short period of time in which to install it before we left on vacation. Your men met the deadline by several days, completely installing the pool in just three days. Even with the pressure caused by our short time for construction, the workmanship on the installation is excellent. We found your personnel to be prompt, courteous, and eager to answer any of our questions. About a month after our pool was installed, a deer jumped into our pool. The deers thrashing about to get out of the pool would certainly have slashed a plastic liner of a lined pool. It did absolutely no damage to our fiberglass pool." James R. Rishel



About Safety...

"Besides the conscientiousness of your workmen, however, I must tell you that I am also firmly convinced that you have a quality pool and have the right idea when it comes to safety features. This was a major concern of mine when I considered constructing a pool but after a season of use (and many swimmers of all ages and abilities in the pool) I would like your potential customers to know this should be an important consideration."

"I was a varsity diver in college and both my children have been swimmers since they were very small. Consequently I had my heart set on having a diving board. After talking with several contractors, I discovered that the typical home pool being built and used for diving would simply not be of adequate depth and dimensions to be safe, especially if the diving board had any spring at all. I like the one-piece fiberglass concept and we felt we couldn't get a better pool for our money. We have had children of all ages in the pool and with combination of the safety ropes and treaded steps in the shallow end, I have felt very comfortable for the safety of all involved."

"Thank you again for your concerns for your customers and be assured that you can have us on your list as a very satisfied one." Patricia A. McKee

About Longevity...

"As you know this is the second pool you have installed in our family. My father has owned one for 13 years and has not had any problems."

"Let us not forget your installation crew; they are something to be proud of. They are honest, hardworking men that do one heck of a job."

"I know that if anyone decides to go with your pool, they will have many years of enjoyment."

Mark McLaughlin

SOUND INVESTMENT - Imperial Fiberglass Pools, unlike other major purchases such as automobiles, do not depreciate. The value of your home is increased over and above the purchase price of the pool. It is common knowledge that the realtors agree for a faster more profitable sale there is a decided advantage in selling a home with a quality pool.


We at Imperial One Piece Fiberglass Pools, Inc., the manufacturer and installer of America's finest pools, want to thank you for your inquiry and invite you to call our sales office to discuss the many options and cost of installing your swimming pool.


We want to be your pool company.

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